Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Resident, our Commander-in-Thief

We all want to get rid of the Resident, except for the few who truly have cotton shoved in their ears and either dollar signs or crosses burned into their eyeballs.

McCain's voting record was about 90% in alignment with Bush's preferences until about a year and a half ago when it went up to 95%, and then 100% for the last year. He talks a good line about being a maverick and in the past he has publicly stood up and spoken out for alternative viewpoints among Republicans, but the facts are straightforward. He was part of the S&L crisis, along with Jon Kyl. Frighteningly enough, that was over 20 years ago and they are both still in office as U.S. Senators. He has a temper and a tendency to fly off the handle. He's had stage 2 skin cancer and he's 72, plus he's 100% disabled according to his military discharge and benefits. The chances of him surviving all 4 years in office are slight. He is a tool of Big Oil and Big Pharma, panders to the wealthy and tries to pull the wool over the eyes of regular Americans as he helps his rich friends steal from us. Never mind Palin, who is much worse. He wants to tax Americans' health benefits from their employers rather than assist more Americans with getting health care. He wants to make Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy and large businesses permanent. This is theft, reverse-Robin Hood. See my previous post on that.

Obama has only spent one term in the U.S. Senate as well as some time in his state legislature. He's the president of the Harvard Law Review. He has worked as a community organizer and ACORN, one of the organizations he has assisted (McCain has, too) is accused of registering voters who do not have a legal right to vote in the U.S. His father is from Kenya and that family is Muslim, although Barack himself was raised by his single, white American mother, often in poverty, and later for a while in the Philippines. She wanted him to experience various religions. Part of his schooling in the Philippines was at a Catholic school and part of it was at a public school with a variety of religions represented. The stuff about him being Muslim or having attended a Madrassa (the Pakistani extremist Muslim schools to raise up fine young suicide bombers) isn't just false. It's cruel, heinous lies being spread by people who will do anything to make McCain become president. Can you really trust their morals when they do things like that? Obama is a Christian and has never considered himself anything else. Yes, for years he attended what could be considered an extremist Black Liberation Theology-infused church. That's clearly very dangerous.

He might even sympathize with black Americans (actual African or part-African immigrants or African-Americans, which are all the same bunch of untrustworthy, lazy, uppity thieves who want to be babied, right?). Excuse me for throwing up. Get over it, people. Yes, if you oppress and subjugate a group of people for a generations, treat them worse than draft animals and continue to keep them from advancing themselves by maintaining your prejudiced views, they won't quite be able to keep up with the privileged white majority. Stop blaming them for your ancestors' and your hypocritical, anti-Christian, cruel, inhumane treatment of your fellow human beings. Stop listening to the white supremacists who claim they should just haul themselves up by their own bootstraps. Few other immigrant groups faced the kind of prejudice and oppression that blacks do, and they had the other immigrants had the tremendous advantage of blending in after a generation.

Besides that, he has fairly moderate, mainstream views and actually cares about average Americans.

Most important, vote. Don't let the Republicans disenfranchise you, because they are trying to.

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