Friday, July 16, 2010

Real Conservatives and Real Christians

It must be difficult being a real conservative right now when most of the people who call themselves conservative are acting and talking like far-right, reactionary terrorists. Difficult, uncomfortable, and confusing. Which is probably why so many of them have shelved their brains for a while rather than deal with naturally-arising angst. I wouldn't worry about it if they weren't running around advocating violence against people who disagree with them. Bunch of Pharisees, not Christians. CHINOs, I guess: CHristian In Name Only, because they don't remotely follow Jesus' teachings or example.

Stock Shorts - Gambling On & Causing Companies to Fail

Stock "shorts" should be illegal. You're not making an investment decision to purchase stock you think will go up or sell stock you have which you think will go down. You're simply betting money that a stock will go down, and decreasing the value of the stock at the same time. What's worse is that you can borrow someone else's money to do it. As a stock stumbles it trips a few shorts, some peole sell, some more people bet with shorts, the stocks slips further and suddenly the stock is in freefall. The company might be functioning fine but it could get destroyed. Even if it doesn't, most small investors will have been taken on the ride south but not be able to get back on the ride back up, so their 401K or nest egg has been plundered by gamblers. And you want to invest our precious Social Security in the stock market, too?! You want to get rid of all the restrictions and regulations protecting us, the little guys, so the wealthy can rape us for every cent and drop of sweat they can wring out of us?! What are you fucking crazy, Republicans? Your highly biased media outlets and corporatized politicians are lying to you for their own benefit, in ways which run counter to what would be best for all of us as a group. They're using increasingly incendiary, violent language on hot-button issues to galvanize well-meaning citizens into action and donations. They don't care who goes hungry, goes without medical care, can't perform a decent-paying job because they don't have an adequate education, can't retire because their savings or pension evaporated in our increasingly volatile stock market, can't get a job because our taxpayer dollars subsidized their job going overseas, or have terrible health problems because of pollution. They don't care about the deficit. If they did, they would have made a bigger deal about it when Bush took the surplus Clinton gave him and turned it into record levels of debt to pursue two badly-planned wars and tax cuts for the rich - which DIDN'T CREATE JOBS. Tax cuts for the wealthy when you're running deficits is reverse Robin Hood. Not only are you stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, you're stealing from the poor who are yet unborn and giving it to the rich. So much for the unborn. Republicans plan to bequeath you a country where you will be sick without affordable health care; not have a decent education; not have parents because they're too busy working their asses off to have any time to spend time with you; have too large of a family and not enough resources for any of you because no one is allowed to have abortions, contraception, or accurate sex education; not be able to get a job because legal and illegal immigrants are willing to work for less as well as people in other countries doing those jobs; and to top it off, anything you might have earned for yourself or which could have paid for government services WAS GIVEN TO RICH PEOPLE A GENERATION OR TWO AGO. Think about it. If you take their positions to their logical conclusion, that's where you end up. Under Bush, we were getting pretty close to that. QUIT LISTENING TO THE LYING LIARS LIKE FOX NEWS, CONSERVATIVE RADIO TALK SHOWS, AND REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS.